My Testimony

The Little Girl who became Daughter to a King

Once upon a time there was a little girl – she was like a princess. Her daddy loved her. Her mommy dressed her in beautiful clothes and played with her as though she were a doll. They lived in a lovely apartment surrounded by grandmother, aunts, uncles and cousins.

One day the little girl’s life changed dramatically. She and her brother and mother moved out of their home into a small apartment in a building of strangers. Her father didn’t live with her anymore.

She rarely saw her aunts, uncles, cousins or even her grandmother. The new apartment had dark places – a basement with a furnace. Nevertheless, life went on and soon this became home. Although she was no longer a princess, her mother worked very hard to make sure the little girl and her brother knew no need.

It wasn’t long before her father became part of another family – the little girl and her brother visited on weekends. Her father’s house was big and beautiful, but they stayed in the guest room.  She was no longer a princess – now she felt like a beggar. Her clothes, though always clean, never made her feel pretty.

As time went by, her father moved farther away. Her mother worked long hours. The little girl was angry, fearful, and lonely.

Some friends at school took a special notice of the girl. They appeared to have an abundance of time and love. The little girl soaked up their attentions. She felt “wanted.” They told her God loved her. They claimed to know Him personally, and explained that His love was limitless. She was curious, but still an angry outsider looking at something just out of her reach.

Not surprisingly, she enjoyed their company and spent more time with them. Then one day while listening to someone read the Bible, the words spoke to her heart. It was the voice of the One who loved her enough to sacrifice His life, His comfort, His family, even His kingdom. Jesus Christ, who was God and became man, who had suffered all things, was now speaking to her by name. He knew her longing, her desires, and her hurts. He stretched out His arms to embrace her. Though invisible to human eyes, she felt His touch and accepted it gratefully.

No one around her knew a miracle took place…or did they? She met Jesus. She felt loved, understood, accepted.  More importantly, she was no longer alone. She found a father’s love. The anger and frustration which had consumed her heart was gone. She felt free.

She hadn’t yet understood her unworthiness or her sin against Him. Willingly and instantly she gave Him control of her future, but had yet to become aware of His hand over her past. She didn’t know He had protected her, comforted her, and guided her. Nor did she then understand how He awakened her. He had even allowed pain and grief into her life and let it become a part of her. Pain which softened and humbled her. It had ultimately been influential in making her recognize her need for Him.

After the encounter with Jesus, the little girl began to mature. She wasn’t allowed to remain a hurt little girl; she was to live in a newfound relationship of joy. She was a young woman. Nothing had changed in her family or at home – yet her world was transformed.

As she held firm to her Father in heaven, the struggles she faced were no longer met with despair. She had hope and a solid future. God blessed her with good friends and a church family who embraced her. God brought a special friend into her life who eventually became her husband. With no example of Christian marriage, she depended upon God and her husband for direction. They had three beautiful children.  And though she hesitated to seek it from the Lord, He gave her a home more lovely than she would have ever imagined for herself. Her response was a deeper love for the God who had met her innermost needs and then overwhelmed her with abounding grace.

As the young woman grew older and her children left home, she realized God’s blessings were a symbol of His love for her, but His love remained even when the symbols were removed. Just as a fresh bouquet of flowers from her husband was a symbol of his love, the wilting of the flowers was not a sign of the death of his affection. This was how God purified her love for Him. Her faith deepened as she trusted in God’s love and in response loved without hesitation.

Now she looks forward to the end of her story…

She is the princess in the fairy tales who will face yet more difficult trials. Then her King will return and take her home to His palace in the sky. And they will live Happily Ever After.





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