About Nicole

It has been over sixteen years and my homeschooling journey is coming to an end. I have raised and educated my three children in Lakeland, Florida and am grateful to those who went before me blazing the trail that has made homeschooling a legal and liable educational option. Although I am a college graduate, I had no formal training in education and began the adventure with trepidation and quite a bit of self-doubt. Much to my relief, young children are naturally inquisitive and I found that my efforts and their eagerness to learn bore fruit. In truth, it was not until the first formal evaluation that I felt that our methods would be sufficient and I could in fact homeschool successfully.

As I look over the path that has led our three adult children to college and soon to careers, I pause to enjoy the view. There have been trials and obstacles to overcome, yet with God’s help and some perseverance and discipline we have reached the peak. From here the view is quite different than when we were knee-deep in grammar and long-division. There were days that I wanted to retreat, but the relationships we developed forging through the challenges have made our family-ties stronger. I can honestly say that I don’t regret one day spent homeschooling and that it has been a pleasure and a privilege learning and growing alongside my delightful children.

With this blog I hope to encourage those at the beginning, middle and even end of their own homeschooling adventures. Keep up the good work!

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