About Nicole

I’m a Chicagoan at heart – Go Cubs – but central Florida has been home for over twenty-five years. And although I earned a degree in Business Administration from the University of Illinois, most of my adult life has been spent homeschooling my three wonderful children. This educational choice allowed us to tailor the education to the specific interests and needs of our children. It also gave us the flexibility to travel with my husband, Greg, when his work took him abroad. We’ve lived in the US, China, and Brazil.

When I was in the midst of teaching our children, I rarely considered what I would do when they were gone.  And when Greg is at work, the house is a bit lonely save for the comfort of our snoring English Bulldog, Carmeny. But I have found there is light at the end of the tunnel. As I seek the Lord for direction, I’m falling in love with this season of life. Everyday presents new opportunities to meet, love, and serve others. Whether I am volunteering at the pregnancy center, encouraging moms in the midst of their homeschooling journey, or serving in my community, God’s filled my heart with a passion for those he puts in my path.

With this blog I desire to extend my reach to you. I pray these posts will bring hope and encouragement. We journey in this life together and I look forward to walking along with you. God bless you, my friends.




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